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Virtualization jobs in Chicago are growing

Posted on December 2, 2012

One of the fastest growing IT sectors, virtualization jobs in Chicago, is growing, according to a recent survey.

Cloud jobs are getting big all across the nation, but especially in large cities.

A recent survey found that 97% of Americans regularly use cloud-based services for activities such as social networking, online shopping and banking. Not only is the cloud now embedded in our daily lives, it’s become a necessity for companies seeking efficiency in their business processes. By transitioning to the cloud, companies can store data and run programs from anywhere.

According to Indeed.com, the number of job opportunities related to cloud computing and virtualization (a complementary technology) are quickly growing as more companies move core services and data storage onto the web.

So where are the jobs and who is hiring for them? Indeed reports:

Cloud Computing

Where are cloud-related jobs in highest demand? Top job locations for the keyword search cloud are:

Palo Alto, CA
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
New York, NY

Software engineers, system engineers, and systems administrators are among the positions in the cloud computing field with the most job postings available right now. The cloud’s growth is further evident in the increasing number of job postings that include the keywords SaaS, PaaS, and EC2.


Virtualization is commonly used in such areas as software development, application development, and QA testing. Right now, the top job locations for the keyword search virtualization are:

Palo Alto, CA
Washington, DC
San Jose, CA
New York, NY
Chicago, IL