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Online Job Postings

Find the candidates you need, and help them find you.

  • Steady exposure to the best local talent
  • Maximum coverage with huge savings
  • Unlimited Text
  • Individual posting duration of 30 days
  • Posting Packages are good for an entire year from date of purchase

*Contact sales@chicagojobs.com for more info on packages.


Resume Access

Actively search for top local candidates, at your convenience.

  • Grants you 24-hour access to candidate database
  • Automatically delivers profiles of your top candidates, right to your inbox
Resume AccessCostSavings
1 month$675--
3 months$1,700($325)
6 months$3,000($1,050)
12 months$4,800($3,300)

Company Profile

Spotlight your employer brand, and attract the best talent.

  • Ensures high visibility of your organization
  • Includes the upgrade of a posting to a featured job
  • Provides direct access to your job postings
  • Includes live link to your company Web site
$100 for 30 days
$1000 for 1 year

Featured Job

Highlight your job on the homepage of ChicagoJobs.com for maximum reach and exposure.

$50 for 30 days

Homepage Skyscraper Banner Ads

Spotlight your brand, and attract the best talent.

  • Appears in rotation when job seekers visit the homepage
  • Only rotates up to 8 employers at a time
  • Links job seekers to your Web site
  • Unlimited Impressions
$600 for 30 days

Targeted Banner Ads Cost based on CPM

Target your ad by keyword and/or category.

  • Target specific site pages
  • Link job seekers to your Web site
  • Cost based on CPM
Cost based on CPM
Contact sales@ChicagoJobs.com for pricing.