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Senate votes on increasing minimum wage for Chicago jobs

Posted on December 8, 2014

The Illinois Senate has voted yes to increase the minimum wage for Chicago jobs.

“There is a moral argument to be made that anyone who works 40 hours a week should not have to live in poverty,” said State Senator Jacqueline Collins. “Last month, two-thirds of Illinois voters told us they agree with that principle, and today, the Senate responded by taking action to raise the state’s minimum wage.”

Officials in the city say the issue of minimum wage could deter businesses from the city.

“It just makes it very difficult to attract businesses when we’re steps away from Evergreen Park and they don’t have this minimum wage issue,” said Erin Ross with the 95th Street Business Association.

The Illinois Senate approved a plan to raise the minimum wage across the state.

The Chicago City Council approved a minimum wage of $13 per hour by 2019.

Quinn said in a statement the Senate “deserves praise” for passing the bill and he plans to work with members of the House to raise the wage.

Gov. Pat Quinn could call a special session and bring the House back for a vote.

the Chicago City Council approved a minimum wage of $13 per hour by 2019