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Safe Passage creates Chicago jobs

Posted on November 7, 2014

Safe Passage, a new program that protects student safety on the walk to and from school, has created many new Chicago jobs.

The program was made possible by a $10 million investment from Governor Quinn and the State of Illinois. This investment, on top of an additional investment made by Mayor Emanuel, will add nearly 700 workers at 133 schools.

There will be 40 new Safe Passage routes this school year, up from 93 routes last year, and tripling the number of routes since the Mayor took office in 2011. More than 69,000 students will be served under the overall expansion.

The District collaborates with 23 various community organizations, known as “Safe Passage vendors,” to hire residents from the community to staff routes that ensure students get to and from school safely. The success of the program is credited to the positive engagement of Safe Passage workers with the students they serve.

“The 700 new Safe Passage workers are joining a tremendous team of residents who help ensure our children can come school each day ready to learn, and focused on their studies, not their safety,” said Mayor Emanuel. “I want to thank the Governor for helping expand this important program for our children and families because Safe Passage is about more than a route to school, it is about a route to college, a career and the world-class education they deserve.”

“Nothing is more important than ensuring our students get to school safely each and every day,” Governor Quinn said. “Our new Safe Passage workers will join the many others helping protect our children and give them the opportunity for a bright, positive future so that they can succeed and go onto college, career and beyond.”