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Report details Chicago CEO jobs

Posted on October 28, 2013

The number of Chicago CEO jobs are discussed, among other CEO jobs around the country, in a report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Turnover among the nation’s chief executive officers declined slightly in September as 107 planned CEO departures were reported, down 5.6 percent from the 113 in August.

The  September  total  was  up  12.6  percent  from  the  same  month  a  year  ago  when  95  were   recorded.    This  marks  the  third  consecutive  month  in  which  CEO  changes  outpaced  the  same   month  last  year.  

According to the report, third-­‐quarter  CEO  departures  totaling  348  are  up  23  percent  from  the  282  announced   during  the  same  three-­‐month  span  in  2012.      It  is  the  highest  quarterly  since  352  CEO  changes   were  recorded  in  the  fourth  quarter  of  2008,  the  year  Challenger  tracked  the  most  CEO  changes   on  record  with  1,484.

The healthcare sector  led  all  industries  in  third-­‐quarter  CEO  turnover  with  78,  including  26  in   September.    This  marks  the  highest  quarterly  total  for  health  care  on  record.    To  date,  health   care  organizations  have  seen  195  CEO  changes,  47  percent  more  than  the  sector  with  the  next   heaviest  turnover  (government/nonprofit,  133).

“The changes to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements,  coupled  with  the  implementation  of   the  Affordable  Care  Act,  are  contributing  to  the  shake-­‐up  in  leadership.    It  is  not  just  hospitals   and  health  systems  that  are  being  impacted;  we  are  seeing  a  lot  of  CEO  moves  at  health   technology  firms,  medical  device  companies,  and  pharmaceutical  companies.    Many  of  these   organizations  are  looking  for  CEOs  better  equipped  to  navigate  through  this  period  of  tumult   and  uncertainty,” said John Challenger, chief  executive  officer  of  Challenger,  Gray  &  Christmas.