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Project to create Chicago construction jobs

Posted on February 3, 2016

A new infrastructure plan will create Chicago construction jobs.

The announced a nearly $1.3 billion infrastructure plan for O’Hare International Airport that will create thousands of jobs over the life of the project.

This historic agreement includes a new runway (Runway 9C/27C), deicing pads and other critical airfield projects, paving the way for further airport improvements that will allow O’Hare to increase the number of gates, modernize the terminals and secure Chicago’s future as one of the most important aviation hubs in the world.

The thousands of travelers who depend on O’Hare each day will see improved on-time performance and enhanced customer experience due to the increased capacity at the airport and the new projects the city will be able to pursue as a result of the landmark deal.

O’Hare’s airfield also will receive a centralized deicing facility to increase the efficiency of the current deicing operations at individual gates, improve on-time performance and the passenger experience.

This project will improve gate utilization and terminal capacity, eliminate secondary deicing for departing planes, and enhance runway safety while improving airfield operations.

In addition, a new crossfield Taxiway system will be constructed to connect the north and south airfields which will decrease taxi time for planes arriving at O’Hare and improve the customer experience. The construction plan also calls for the relocation of fuel supply lines and airline support facilities, as well as perimeter Taxiways A and B.

“Building a strong future for Chicago depends on building a strong future for O’Hare,” Mayor Emanuel said. “This historic agreement enhances O’Hare’s role as the economic engine of Chicago and the region. The capital plan will improve the passenger experience at O’Hare, while creating thousands of good-paying jobs for Chicagoans. I want to thank everyone involved for their work in securing O’Hare and Chicago’s economic future by getting this deal done.”

“If we are going to be a leader in the world economy, we need the infrastructure to support it,” U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said. “The agreement announced today will help ensure that O’Hare will remain not only one of the country’s busiest airports, but also one of the best. These improvements will lead to a safer, more efficient airport while solidifying O’Hare’s status as an economic engine for the region and a world class air hub.”