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Pound to Add Animal Control Positions in Chicago

Posted on July 19, 2010

The Commission on Animal Care and Control will be adding new animal control positions in Chicago.

The news comes after several dogs were unintentionally or accidentally euthanized in 2006.

According to WBEZ.org, four dogs were euthanized in 2006. A Chicago police officer took his dog to the commission to be tested for rabies, and when he came to pick the dog up, he was notified that the animal had been put down.

Unlicensed pound workers were the ones doing the euthanizing, which is not in accordance with established practices. An inspector general is in the process of investigating this and other claims.

Three Chicago workers that euthanized the four dogs have been fired, so new replacements will be sought. Five other workers have either been recommended to receive disciplinary actions or to be terminated.
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Other discipline actions include a written reprimand and a month-long suspension.

The new director at the Commission on Animal Care and Control, Cherie Travis, says she is looking for people who can manage the process better than they’ve done in the past. She declined to comment on the specifics of the report, as she was not the managing director during the unauthorized euthanizations.