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Platform created for small businesses and Chicago jobs

Posted on April 29, 2019

A new platform has been created for small businesses and Chicago jobs.

ChiBizHub is an innovative new web platform that connects expert service providers to Chicago’s fast-growing business community. ChiBizHub is a one-stop, collaborative online platform to help new and existing Chicago businesses accelerate their growth.

“Chicago is full of the most innovative and hard-working business owners in the world,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This initiative provides another tool for business owners to grow their business, which are economic engines in Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods.”

From connecting individuals with the resources they need to launch a new business to helping business owners identify capital partners to grow their business and navigate business licensing requirements, ChiBizHub brings together a wide-variety of creditable and well-researched resource partners and information to support business success in Chicago. 

Working with a variety of stakeholders and small business experts, the ChiBizHub network developed the online platform and identified Chicago-based organizations or “resource partners” to sign up to join this platform before its launch today. ChiBizHub resource partners collectively provide access to a wide variety of direct services, including legal counseling, accessing capital, and accounting, hiring and other administrative services.  Through this web platform, business owners can directly contact resource partners for assistance, and work with ChiBizHub’s team to identify the right provider based on need, location, industry, and stage of business.

“ChiBizHub ensures that Chicago’s small- and medium-sized businesses can access the necessary tools for their companies to thrive,” said Andrea Zopp, president and CEO of World Business Chicago. “By connecting them to resource providers, ChiBizHub creates a collaborative community that allows businesses to accelerate their growth.”

Mayor Emanuel and Andrea Zopp announced the launch of the ChiBizHub platform at a 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) program event.  In 2011, Mayor Emanuel, the City Colleges of Chicago and Goldman Sachs partnered to bring 10KSB to Chicago and the first business education classes were held in January 2012. Participants in the 10KSB program complete more than 100 instructional hours with the curriculum that covers accounting, human resources, negotiation and marketing, among other topics.