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Plant to create Chicago manufacturing jobs

Posted on March 4, 2014

Method is opening a manufacturing facility in the U.S., a move that will create Chicago manufacturing jobs.

The new facility is expected to bring nearly 100 new jobs to the City of Chicago and Method plans to recruit local residents throughout the hiring process for the plant’s workforce.

The plant features a refurbished 230 foot wind turbine will generate a significant portion of the plant’s energy. The turbine, combined with the solar energy from solar panels in the parking lot and on the building, will provide approximately half of the facility’s annual electrical needs. Method also plans to have a functional roof with urban agriculture to benefit the local community.

“The City of Chicago continues to attract companies looking to access our highly skilled workforce, transportation system and diverse business climate,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Method choosing to build their state-of the-art manufacturing facility in Chicago’s historic Pullman neighborhood is a major economic investment for the south side of the City. Method has made a significant commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability and I am proud they will open their doors in Chicago.”

Construction on the facility is expected to continue throughout the year, with the facility expected to open in early 2015. The facility will include the manufacturing and bottling of formulas for both Method and its sister eco-cleaning brand, Ecover, as well as an on-site distribution center.

“Method’s new facility is a clean home – using clean energy, water and materials to create innovative household products,” said architect and sustainability leader, William McDonough, “The implications of ‘industrial hygiene’ at this scale are beneficial to communities; it provides jobs and it is a facility that is a healthy, delightful neighbor. Entrepreneurial companies like Method are modeling a new, clean industrial model for our country. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with them.”

“We have built Method to be the business of tomorrow, aligning our interest as a business with the interest of society and the environment so that the bigger we get, the more good we do,” said Adam Lowry, co-founder and chief-greenskeeper of Method. “Our plant is the next step in this journey and we’re incredibly grateful to the City of Chicago and State of Illinois for their partnership and support in bringing this vision to life.”