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Merckle Looks to Fill Jobs in Chicago

Posted on November 29, 2010

Merckle is recruiting for various offices in the U.S. along with looking to fill jobs in Chicago.

Merkle www.merkleinc.com, the nation’s largest and fastest growing independent customer relationship marketing agency, today announced the hiring of Megan Pagliuca as a vice president in the display media division, a new position focused on establishing and executing targeted display advertising for Merkle’s growing client base. As a thought leader in the targeted display advertising marketplace, Pagliuca will help grow Merkle’s display business by leveraging Merkle’s deep analytic expertise and access to audience data to drive superior ad targeting, analysis and attribution.

Prior to joining Merkle, Pagliuca lead professional services at the Right Media Exchange, a New York-based Yahoo! Company that pioneered the digital advertising exchange model. While there, Pagliuca successfully grew its proprietary demand side platform by providing consulting to advertisers, agencies, media trading desks and publishers for their end-to-end technology infrastructure. Her deep understanding of the display ecosystem includes demand side platforms (dsps), data management platforms (dmps), supply side platforms (ssps), inventory and data exchanges, ad networks, creative optimizers, ad servers and verification providers.

“Throughout my career, I have worked in the new frontier of digital advertising, and it’s with my passion for this field that I look forward to joining Merkle,” said Pagliuca. “I am excited to be working alongside other bright and engaging leaders in the industry and helping Merkle provide cutting-edge services to our growing roster of clients.”

Pagliuca’s hiring continues Merkle’s ongoing commitment to expand its presence in the digital media space. Merkle leverages its expertise in data management, data integration and analytics for both targeting and measurement in order to create competitive advantage for its customers executing digital media strategies. Through the integration of these existing competencies and the skills of its industry experts, Merkle provides its customers access to best-of-breed digital solutions.

“Display media is quickly becoming a key component of our digital acquisition services strategy, which is core to Merkle’s global strategy,” said Craig Dempster, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Merkle. “As Merkle grows our digital marketing capabilities, leaders like Megan, with valuable experience and vision, will shape both the future of Merkle’s digital capabilities and the industry in general.”