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Lawyers Advise on Legal Jobs in Chicago

Posted on December 16, 2010

A group of lawyers are launching a service to limit the need for legal jobs in Chicago.

Divorcing couples seeking a respectful divorce no longer need to duke it out in court by hiring dueling divorce attorneys. Chicago divorce lawyer Michael C. Craven has expanded his law practice to include collaborative law, affording couples the option to work towards a positive divorce solution without going to court.

“In many traditional divorce cases, the court process fails to serve the best interests of the divorcing individuals and their families. For many, Collaborative Law is a better method of resolving their dispute since it can be faster, cheaper, and helps maintain important family relationships,” said Michael C. Craven, Partner at Beermann Swerdlove LLP, Divorce Lawyers Chicago.

In a collaborative law case, the goal is to arrive at a meaningful solution that both parties agree to, without navigating toward the court process. The divorcing couple and their attorneys enter into an agreement that requires the attorneys to resign if either party files a disputed issue with the court, giving everyone involved the incentive to stay out of court.

Craven and Beermann Swerdlove LLP offer a couple more than just knowledgeable Chicago divorce lawyers, their entire team tries to help couples divorce with civility. A team of professionals, such as counselors, coaches, independent neutral financial experts, and child specialists, are often involved in collaborative cases to help move the process towards an effective out of court settlement.

“Today’s divorce cases are very complicated. My mission is to help my clients make smart, cost effective decisions. For the right couples, this interdisciplinary approach can be a healthier solution for the entire family,” said Craven.