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Groupon hiring for business development jobs in Chicago

Posted on May 1, 2011

As the deal giant prepares for an IPO later this year, Groupon is hiring for several locations in the US, including for business development jobs in Chicago.

They are also recruiting for a substantial number of people in San Francisco, using unique recruitment ads to tell people what it’s like to work at Groupon.

The company just raised almost $950 million from a number of venture firms.

The site features one discounted deal per day that goes out to millions of emails, advertising everything from pedicures to sushi to fly fishing trips. The site has millions of fans.

Groupon just opened a facility in Palo Alto and is looking to secure some hires for that location.

Groupon is hiring at the same time that many other established companies and start-ups are trying to expand. As a result, it will be diluting the pool of available engineers still further and will have to compete with the rocketing salaries, benefits and perks characterising the Valley’s current recruiting scene.