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Finding Jobs in Chicago

Posted on July 11, 2008

Everyone knows Chicago is a vibrant, exciting city to visit. It’s full of incredible entertainment, delectable cuisine, and multi-cultural diversity. But did you know that jobs in Chicago offer great opportunities for a lucrative future?

Trader Monthly magazine has named Chicago as the “number one trading city in the entire world”. The ‘windy city’ boasts the management of more than 25 percent of all global futures, options, and derivatives trading. This is more than twice the volume of New York. This makes it a great time to work in the trading and financial industry in Chicago.

But the city has much more to offer for jobs in Chicago than just trading. The city’s “InnovateNow” campaign is focused on bringing businesses, schools, and government together for continual and cooperative business growth and expansion. They are strongly focused on business innovation and are projecting significant economic growth throughout the region.

Chicago has long been known for its transportation and manufacturing industries, but they are also have a huge high-tech service industry as well. They have a strong focus on innovation and continually growing their economy to maintain their economic leadership position. High-tech jobs are in high demand and highly qualified individuals will find themselves in a financial rewarding and lucrative career in Chicago.

Another great characteristic of the Chicago area is its support and encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship. The city leaders have a strong desire to see the success of emerging businesses and relocation of corporate headquarters from other areas of the country. This is a good sign that future growth and business expansion will continue.

So with all of these Chicago jobs, it’s a great time to look to the northwest. Not only will you find great jobs in Chicago, but you’ll find a wealth of entertainment venues, breathtaking lake views, and inviting communities in the surrounding area. The competitive spirit of Chicago create a climate for long-term economic success with continual job creation and a financially rewarding future for everyone who lives and works in the “Windy City.”