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Facility to create construction jobs in Chicago

Posted on May 22, 2015

A new intermodal facility will create construction jobs in Chicago.

The intermodal facility is part of a $782 million capital improvement project that will create nearly 3,000 jobs during construction.

The development will serve as a major access point to O’Hare and significantly enhance multi-modal transit connectivity between rental cars, public parking, public roadways, shuttle busses, CTA and Metra.

The project will consolidate rental car functions and public parking into a multi-level structure. The development will also reduce traffic congestion and increase transit ease and accessibility for travelers through an extension of the Airport Transit System (ATS) at O’Hare. The new intermodal facility and ATS modernization project will lead to the creation of nearly 3,000 design and construction jobs and 100 permanent jobs upon completion. The CDA estimates that over 30,000 patrons will use the facility on a daily basis.

In moving rental car companies out of dispersed locations and by extending and creating a new ATS station, O’Hare will, for the first time, provide a major access point for travelers at the airport by enhancing ground transportation connectivity, while also providing additional opportunities for economic development in newly made available locations. These measures, as well as expanding the ATS vehicle fleet, will reduce vehicle traffic at terminal curbs and eliminate an estimated 1.3 million vehicle trips on terminal roadways each year, resulting in enough energy savings to power over 600 homes every year and in turn lessen O’Hare’s environmental impact for all travelers and Chicagoans.

“This intermodal facility is one of the largest capital improvements to be constructed at O’Hare, and will further Chicago’s ongoing efforts to make O’Hare the most convenient international travel hub in the world,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This project will serve as a model for new transportation development by delivering improved efficiency, environmental sustainability, a great experience for travelers and an opportunity to create thousands of new jobs for Chicagoans.”