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Expect Wal-Mart to Add Retail Jobs in Chicago

Posted on June 21, 2010

A Chicago city official is hinting that Wal-Mart plans on opening new stores, leading many to believe that if so, the retail giant will add hundreds of retail jobs in Chicago.

The alderman, named Anthony Beale, said he was planning a big announcement regarding Wal-Mart soon.

But others are skeptical since no other union officials have heard of any solid plans, only whispered rumors.

Beale has set up a press conference to discuss the matter, but he has no specified what he will discuss.

Chicago’s City Council has mulled over decisions in the past to build Wal-Marts in areas around Chicago, leading to a meeting with Wal-mart and union officials. However, no deal was reached.
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But Beale, who has been at the center of negotiations, seems optimistic that such a plan is in the works.

Wal-Mart has proposed a community benefits agreement and hiring union labor if the city agrees to allow them to open a store.

But they have not agreed to raising the minimum wage, which union leaders balked at.

Other aldermen have rejected the deal, saying it would decrease wages and lead to the closure of smaller stores and businesses. But still others say the retail giant would add much-needed jobs to an economically depressed area.

Wal-Mart has even launched a PR campaign about how well they treat their employees. The PR campaign has sparked a lot of criticism.