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Energy company hires for Chicago sales jobs

Posted on January 8, 2014

A new kind of energy company has opened several offices around the company and will be hiring for Chicago sales jobs.

Energy+1 specializes in energy deregulation. According to an article online, deregulation allows consumers to choose where they buy their power, much as they can choose their long-distance company.

While the National Policy Act of 1978 and later the Energy Policy Act of 1992 provide open access for all electricity suppliers to the U.S. power grid, implementation of deregulation was left up to the individual states. Deregulation saves helps people save money each month on their utility bill.

While deregulating, states can also choose where energy comes from – whether it comes from natural resources or renewable ones. Consumers, in turn, can also get this form of energy and still keep their energy provider—the provider is just feeding their house or business energy from a new source.

According to the article, employees of the company “are instillers of education for the deregulation industry. Once they take a look at your utility bill, they will be able to determine if switching could save you money. Sometimes this doesn’t necessarily mean saving money one each and every bill – but instead stabilizing your bill and drastically reducing certain fluctuating months.”

While the company is hiring right now at their newest office in California, it also hires people in office locations such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Northern California.

Their website states: “An exciting aspect about an Energy+1 job is that individuals need no prior experience to sales or canvassing. This is a great way for individuals who maybe did not receive a higher education, to create a future in the sales industry. Energy+1 also hires veterans who have just left the military and are looking for a place of employment. Energy+1 takes pride in hiring veterans. The company views it as serving those who have already served our country.”