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Consulting jobs in Chicago realized from new office

Posted on June 18, 2012

A new office is the main driver being the creation of consulting jobs in Chicago.

Bluewolf, a business consulting firm, has announced new offices in Chicago and Boston.

The announcement comes after Bluewolf saw rapid growth in the firm’s consulting, managed services and IT staffing services.

The company can now respond to the demand for skilled resources along with the need for business process and cloud experts to drive cloud adoption and business transformation.

In Boston, Bluewolf will host a free Cloud Innovation Summit on June 28 for any Boston-based business or IT professional looking to be more strategic in their embrace of the latest cloud and social innovations.

“Technology has always paved the way toward innovation, but many businesses are struggling to compete due to their lack of ability to fully leverage these flexible technologies in an ongoing manner,” said Eric Berridge, CEO and co-founder at Bluewolf. “Bluewolf has been experiencing tremendous growth and expansion across the US and globally, because more companies want to make sure their cloud applications are not only constantly calibrated for peak performance, but also run by the right people.”

According to its website, Bluewolf helps organizations compete through the tenets of agile enterprise, which require greater flexibility and responsiveness in talent, processes, technology and vision. With its network of resources in tech positions, Bluewolf will help Boston and Chicago-based organizations obtain the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape. Bluewolf will also help local workers master skills through its role-based Public Training Program. Comprised of workshops and one-on-one “Office Hours,” the program offers specialized consulting experts advising on a variety of important business and IT functions for administrators and developers as well as management, marketing and sales professionals.