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Company looks to fill Chicago healthcare jobs with quality hires

Posted on July 8, 2013

Accretive Health Partners is working with Chicago to create healthcare jobs in Chicago with quality matches.

“Accretive Health has made an unmatched investment in training local talent, particularly unemployed job seekers,” said Marie Trzupek Lynch, president and chief executive officer of Skills for Chicagoland’s Future. “Our deep partnership has created career opportunities for many unemployed professionals new to the healthcare industry while meeting Accretive’s hiring needs.”

In 2012, of the approximate 225 CCT/SFC participants trained, 85 percent graduated with their Accretive Health medical reimbursement certificate. The other 25 percent sat for the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Associate (CCA), and of the 25, seven have sat for their Certified Coding Specialist credential and passed.

Accretive Health has already trained and hired more than 25 CCT/SFC participants who have graduated from the program and received their CCA credentials; another seven participants graduated, May 31, 2013, and will be sitting for their CCA. In response to the growing need for medical coders, Accretive Health has added an intense coding track to its course schedule.

“A number of local corporate executives who were looking to make a career transition have been able to take advantage of our program,” said Richard Gillette, senior vice president of operational excellence at Accretive Health. “We’re happy to be part of the solution for career growth in the area.”