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Company hires for design jobs in Chicago

Posted on April 23, 2012

Glass Recycled has announced it has secured a key hire for design jobs in Chicago.

The company said it has hired Kate Jung for the Midwest Region that includes the states of IA, MI, OH, IN, WI, MN and IL with an emphasis in the greater Chicago area.

Jung is tasked with presenting upcycling to this region, which is the newest trend.

Glass Recycled offers custom options for kitchen countertops, backsplash ideas, flooring, walls, and landscape detailing and specialty decor items.

They use a patented process of recycling glass and porcelain combined with limitless colors of epoxy accents.

Founder and CEO, Tim Whaley stated, “I am excited to expand GLASS RECYCLED and with the success we have had over the past few years- I am proud to announce that Kate Jung will be joining our team in Chicago.”

As part of GLASS RECYCLED’s 2012 national expansion, Regional Design Consultants are being selected to promote and sell the premier products such as their GlassSLAB recycled glass countertops, GlassPLANK recycled glass flooring, GlassDECOR recycled glass tabletops and GlassSCAPE recycled glass ground cover.

“Since officially changing our corporate name to ‘GLASS RECYCLED in late 2011’ – our strategic re-branding and business model has allowed us to expand our product line throughout the world to a diverse commercial and residential design marketplace. I am pleased to announce the creation of our new ‘Design Consultant’ initiative that will strategically place GLASS RECYCLED Representatives in USA growth markets,” said Tim Whaley