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Company helps others hire for Chicago jobs

Posted on April 5, 2012

A new company has launched with the goal of helping companies hire for Chicago jobs, among other locales.

Interviewing.com, a Chicago based startup, has announced the recent launch of www.interviewing.com, a website devoted to providing content for job seekers, hiring authorities, HR representatives, recruiters, and small business owners.

According to the website, Interviewing.com’s online presence addresses a need in the human resources industry to connect job seekers and interviewers with the necessary resources to make better, more informed career decisions in today’s economic environment.

Due to the increased number of individuals seeking employment in recent years, coupled with shifting trends in the workplace, as well as the growing changes in technology and communication, Interviewing.com serves as an outlet to provide interview tips, articles, news, events, to answer the demand for information to navigate the job search, interviewing, and hiring processes.

Since its initial launch March 1st, the site has become a destination portal for job applicants and the hiring community to access best practices, industry trends, and thought leadership. Future site enhancements can be expected in coming months to broaden the scope of resources and materials currently available.