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Chicago transportation jobs created due to infrastructure projects

Posted on July 30, 2013

Chicago transportation jobs have been created thanks to city officials announcing more than $1.5 billion in roadway, waterway and transit infrastructure projects.

The projects will be completed during the 2013 construction season and support 6,500 jobs as the city begins the second year of its ambitious Building a New Chicago infrastructure program.

Building a New Chicago is a $7 billion infrastructure program over three years, and one of the largest investments in infrastructure in the City’s history. The program will touch nearly every aspect of the city’s infrastructure network and create more than 30,000 jobs during its three years. Building a New Chicago involves an unprecedented level of coordination between City Hall, multiple city departments and sister agencies, private sector utilities, and the public.

Investments have been made in:

Department of Water Management ($475.7M)

75 Miles of New Water Mains
17 Miles of New Sewers
14,000 Catch Basins Lined
12,000 Meters Installed
Upgrade of Springfield Pumping Station

Department of Transportation ($483.9M)

300 Miles of Resurfaced Streets (w/Water)
270 Blocks of New street Lights
Install 35 miles of Bike Lines
Complete Wells St Bridge

Chicago Transit Authority ($601.1M)

New Red Line Dan Ryan Branch
Begin Construction on Wilson Station
Milwaukee Blue Line Track Work
Approximately two miles of New Loop Track
Upgraded (HD) Cameras on All El Stations

To help residents, commuters and tourists plan for temporary disruptions to roadways, city officials released a summary of projects whose breadth and depth are expected to have an impact on travel times for 30 days or longer. These include: