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Chicago Sales Job Competition

Posted on June 9, 2009

Would you take part in a reality-style competition to get a job? Unemployed workers who are interested in a Chicago sales job – and a shot at owning a business – will soon have the chance to do just that.

Graphics Resource Management LLC recently announced the creation of “The Partner,” a reality-style competition for sales and marketing professionals. The top three contenders will have the chance at a job and at owning part of the business. Candidates will be selected through July 3, with the top three candidates to be selected by July 10. The competition among the top three is scheduled to take place from July 13 to August 14.

Candidates will have to show their ability to create a business development plan and find and win new business. Candidates will be given a small budget and about one month to prove their entrepreneurial skills by gaining clients, marketing the business and showing how they would run sales and marketing if they were selected as the winner. They also will earn commission on all business they gain during the competition.

The company’s Web site, blog and social networks will track the progress of the candidates and the competition, which will allow for public comment. The winner will receive a six-month trial period to prove their performance to the company. After that, they will earn a 10 percent share of ownership in the business and the opportunity to build the company’s sales and marketing.

“We think that the bad economic situation has made it hard for even great people to find good jobs,” Tony Maruska, co-founder of Graphics Resources Management, said. “We want to make it possible for someone with talent and drive not just to get a job, but to become a business owner.

“It’s important for both small businesses and job-seekers to think creatively at times like these,” he continued. “We believe that’s what we’re doing with this competition. If we have a winner in this process, GRM will gain a more secure future because it will get a new owner dedicated to its success and based on a proven track record of talent and execution demonstrated during the competition,” said Maruska.