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Chicago retail jobs climb

Posted on October 30, 2012

The number of employers hiring for Chicago retail jobs is increasing.

A recent survey from job site CareerBuilder posits that thirty-six percent of retailers plan to have extra hands on deck around the holidays, a healthy jump from 29 percent in 2011.

An increase in consumer confidence is helping to fuel the best seasonal hiring the U.S. has seen in recent years,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “While the bulk of seasonal recruitment falls within the retail space, companies across industries are hiring for a wide range of positions to support their business operations as they wrap up the year.”

Employers often seek to hire more people during the holidays to help customers find purchases and check out during the holiday rush.

CareerBuilder reports that the five cities with the largest economies and plans to hire include:

1. Los Angeles – 22 percent of employers plan to hire season help, 40 percent plan to transition them to full-time positions

2. New York – 16 percent of employers plan to hire season help, 35 percent plan to transition them to full-time positions

3. Atlanta – 15 percent of employers plan to hire season help, 31 percent plan to transition them to full-time positions

4. Philadelphia – 14 percent of employers plan to hire season help, 36 percent plan to transition them to full-time positions

5. Chicago – 13 percent of employers plan to hire season help, 31 percent plan to transition them to full-time positions

In an an office or store, popular areas for recruitment this holiday season include:

Customer Service – 23 percent

Administrative/Clerical support – 15 percent

Hospitality – 15 percent

Shipping/Delivery – 14 percent

Accounting/Finance – 9 percent

Inventory management – 8 percent

Technology – 8 percent

Sales (other than retail) – 7 percent

For those getting hired, hiring managers recommend:

hiring managers recommended the following:

– Provide above and beyond customer service. Offer help instead of waiting to be asked for it – 53 percent

– Proactively ask for more projects – 46 percent

– Let the employer know up front that you’re interested in permanent employment – 46 percent

– Present ideas on how to do something better or try something new – 34 percent

– Ask thoughtful questions about the organization – 32 percent

What are the biggest turnoffs for employers when interviewing for seasonal jobs? A lack of flexibility or expressed interest top the list, according to employers surveyed.

-Someone who isn’t enthusiastic – 55 percent

– Someone who is unwilling to work certain hours – 48 percent

– Someone who knows nothing about company/products – 31 percent

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