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Part Time Jobs in Chicago Growing

Posted on June 8, 2008

The number of people looking for Chicago area part time jobs is increasing. As a larger portion of the population struggles to balance life with work, the appeal of only working part-time or nontraditional hours has grown. In order to keep up with what those in the job market are looking for, many employers are beginning to offer more opportunities of this sort.

With the economy beginning to show signs of slowing down, employers have also found that they can benefit by offering more part-time employment instead of as many full-time positions. Since many businesses do not provide benefits such as healthcare insurance to part-time workers, employers have found that this is one way to decrease spending.

Others have found they are unable to completely eliminate a position that is needed for the workplace to run efficiently. By decreasing the number of hours that those who hold these positions are on the clock, employers are able to keep the office running smoothly without sacrificing profits.

At this same time, industries where there is a shortage of qualified workers have found that being more flexible allows them to quickly find new talent. One sector that has shown a notable increase in the number of part-time jobs available throughout Chicago is the healthcare industry. With the population both growing and gaining, the number of healthcare workers needed to keep patient care standards at the required level has risen. Partially due to the fact that many local nursing programs only accept a limited number of applicants, there does not seem to be enough individuals to fill all of the industries vacant positions. Because of this, employers have had to become more flexible. Those who would have only been interested in hiring full-time personnel are now beginning to warm to the idea of welcoming those who are only looking for part-timers.

With employers finding that flexibility, it likely means a smaller turnover rate. It’s another reason there will likely be an increase in the number of part-time jobs in Chicago offered by employers in the next few years. In the past, these positions were primarily for students and working mothers, but many with many professionals desiring to have more leisure time competition for existing positions could be strong until businesses catch up to the demand for this sort of work.