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BP Increases Marketing Opportunites in Chicago

Posted on June 9, 2008

Gasoline supplier British Petroleum recently announced that it will be moving 1,200 jobs out of the western suburbs and into the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is a complete reverse of the company’s decision to move many jobs out of the city a decade ago when BP obtained Chicago-based Amoco.

The positions will be transferring from Warrenville and Naperville mainly due to the needs of a majority of BP employees. A large portion of these individuals are younger professionals, which is a group that enjoys the idea of both living and working in downtown Chicago. Donald Smith of Jupiter Reality says that the growth of the West Loop market has made downtown living more desirable, especially for young professionals.

Because of the move, the number of Chicago marketing jobs and opportunities in trading and energy supply will increase. In many circumstances, a company moving its operations even a smaller distance can cause several positions to become available to those searching for employment due to the fact that not all employees are usually satisfied with the idea of switching locations. At this time it is unknown if there will be any unfilled marketing jobs when the company relocates.

A BP spokesperson said that that the company has a “non-binding letter of intent” for offices in the CME building, including two towers at 10 and 30 S. Wacker Drive. This location is within walking distance of both apartments and condos. In this real estate venture, BP is dealing with the properties owner, Tishman Speyer of New York. According to BP spokesperson Valerie Corr, the company is hoping to finish its lease agreement this summer. Those interested in marketing jobs with the company should keep informed about BP’s moving plans, as they may effect the company’s staff numbers.