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Chicago law enforcement jobs added

Posted on December 2, 2018

A number of Chicago law enforcement jobs have been added.

The newest class of 88 Police Officers and 275 newly promoted Detectives, Sergeant’s, Lieutenants, Evidence Technicians and Field Training Officers have graduated. This latest graduation comes as the CPD is in the final stages of a comprehensive, two-year hiring plan to add 970 new police officers to Chicago neighborhoods.

“These new officers are ushering in a new generation, which reflects the diversity of our great city and is focused on their commitment to make our city safer, stronger and more secure,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Working together with the community in a partnership against crime, each of these officers and new leaders will put on their uniform to do just that with the dignity and integrity.”

The 88 new police officers graduating includes 67 percent from minority backgrounds, with 43 percent identifying as Hispanic, 15 percent African-American and nine percent Asian-American. In addition, 24 percent of the graduates are female. Approximately 38 percent of the officers graduated from Chicago Public Schools and 15 percent are military veterans. Before graduating police recruits spent six months at the Police Academy and they will now begin their one-year probationary period, which includes three months training with a Field Training officer and district patrol functions.

“With nearly 1,000 new police officers being added to city streets, we have worked very hard to attract and train the most dedicated and committed men and women who now have the sacred responsibility of safeguarding our families,” said CPD Superintendent Johnson. “This new class of officers are representative of the culturally diverse neighborhoods that make up our great city and it is now our responsibility to provide them with the appropriate support, mentoring and structure so they can succeed in making Chicago a safer city.”

The ceremony will also recognize 275 promotions including, 10 new Lieutenants, 100 new Sergeants, 125 new Detectives and 40 new Field Training Officers. These new promotional classes represent the next generation of leadership at the department as well as additional expertise to continue the reduction in gun violence and improve the quality of investigations in criminal cases.

These new officers are part of CPD’s ongoing Be the Change recruitment efforts to add nearly 1,000 more officers to neighborhoods and ensure that officers reflect the diversity of the residents they are sworn to protect and serve. On October 15, the police entry exam application closed with 8,875 qualified applicants signing up to take the December exam. Of these potential new officers, 77% of applicants are minorities – the largest number of minority applicants since at least 2010.