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Chicago Healthcare Jobs Recession-Proof?

Posted on November 6, 2008

The healthcare industry is one of the few that are continuing to boom during current economic troubles. Because of this, those with a Chicago healthcare job may find their career recession-proof.

Of the 50 fastest-growing occupations in Illinois, 17 are in the medical field. The top healthcare jobs that are growing include those for pharmacists, medical assistants, dental hygienists and dental assistants. According to an article by The Herald News, medical assistant positions alone are expected to grow by 36 percent, or 13,385 jobs, by 2014. New technology is contributing to the growth of untypical healthcare jobs, such as medical records technologists and pre-natal ultrasound readers.

Another career looked at as being recession-proof includes technology. Of the 50 fastest-growing occupations in the state, six are in the information technology industry. The fastest-growing jobs in IT include network systems and data communications, computer software engineering and applications and computer software engineering and systems. Network systems and data communications specialists are expected to grow by 42 percent, or 12,738 jobs, by 2014.

Teaching is another career considered to be recession-proof. Of the 50 fastest-growing occupations, six are in education. Preschool teachers and special education teachers are expected to grow by 31 percent, or 12,135 jobs, by 2014. Educators also will be needed for adults, whether retraining people who have been laid off or offering continuing education.

“Another potential growth area involves accountants, who should find more jobs with private companies due to the impending surge of regulation that comes with the nation’s banking and housing crises, and people who work in security and in the renewable and nuclear energy fields,” the article notes.

Other fields with good outlooks but lower pay include firefighting, law enforcement, auto repair, public utility work and funeral directors.