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Ford Creates Manufacturing Jobs in Chicago

Posted on July 12, 2010

Ford Motor Co. is preparing for production of its Explorer SUV, and is recruiting people from all around the company for manufacturing jobs in Chicago.

The car is being produced at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant. About 112 workers have started putting together the SUV. What’s more, in the next few months, over 400 employees are expected to join those already working.

Adding a second production shift will spur on the creation of 1200 more jobs. The second production shift will begin sometime in the fourth quarter, company reps say.

Ford first announced in January that it would build the Explorer in Chicago.

Company reps assured that transfer workers would receive adequate training time to assist with their new duties. The transfer workers must also find new housing and schools, so acclimation is a step-by-step process.

In addition, an estimated 72 transferred Ford workers are expected to start working at the Chicago Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights in the fall. The assembly and stamping plants employ about 2,200 employees combined.