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Company hiring for sales jobs in Chicago?

Posted on February 12, 2012

Global Technologies recently said that it is opening a Jacksonville office and will be hiring for those positions, but the company may also be filling sales jobs in Chicago.

The provider of technology execution services is opening a new Jacksonville office, so it is definitely expanding.

It plans on hiring for construction, project management, general office and accounting.
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The company will hire 60-70 people to staff its site on Vantage Way, which is near the airport.

The new service center will be 36,000 sq feet.

Global Technologies is a leading specialty technology execution services, outsourced fulfillment and construction services provider for the Telecommunications Industry, Utilities and governments throughout the United States, Europe and Africa.

Global Technologies designs, builds, Installs, upgrades and maintains outside and inside plant infrastructure and equipment. Including placement and maintenance of Fiber optic cable, copper cable and coaxial cable utilizing directional boring, trenching, plowing, aerial and Wireless techniques, underground cable location and on call emergency system restoration services.