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Company expands, creates Chicago manufacturing jobs in Chicago

Posted on December 29, 2018

One company is expanding and creating more manufacturing jobs in Chicago.

Ferrara Candy Company, an industry leader in U.S. confections, announced the company is relocating its headquarters to the Old Post Office in downtown Chicago. 

“Today we are not just welcoming 400 new jobs to Chicago, we are welcoming a great company with deep roots in Chicago back home,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Chicago not only leads the country in corporate relocations every year for the last five years, but we lead the country in the growth of jobs in the food industry. We are glad that a company that had been part of Chicago’s past will now be part of our city’s future.” 

Ferrara was founded in 1908 when Salvatore Ferrara began selling candy-coated almonds from his bakery in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood. Over the past century Ferrara Candy Company has become one of the fastest growing confections companies in the country, with a diverse portfolio of more than 25 brands, including SweeTARTS®, Trolli®, Brach’s®, Black Forest® and NERDS®, along with iconic favorites like Lemonhead®, Red Hots® and Now and Later®.

The new headquarters will occupy 77,000 square feet at Old Chicago Main Post Office at 433 W. Van Buren Street, giving the company access to Chicago’s top talent across many business segments. 

“As we planned our move downtown, we sought a workspace that could accommodate our continued growth and help us build a highly differentiated and meaningful employee experience that allows us to continue to attract, retain and inspire best-in-class talent,” said Todd Siwak, CEO of Ferrara Candy Company. 

“The Old Post Office will be more than just a workspace – it will be a destination, and one that is consistent with the brand, culture and community we are building at Ferrara,” said Siwak. “We appreciate Mayor Emanuel’s encouragement and the continued support from the City of Chicago as we prepare for this transition.”