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CIMA on Chicago Jobs, Scholarships

Posted on September 20, 2010

CIMA is tackling everything from Chicago jobs to awarding scholarships to the best and brightest at Loyola University Chicago.

The Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA), a group of passionate online marketing professionals based in Chicago, has had the opportunity to give back to the academic community in the form of both an academic research grant to its CIMA Professor, Linda Tuncay of Loyola University and academic scholarships for three Chicago-based students.

CIMA selected three students among 40 applicants for prestigious scholarships that will impact each student’s college endeavors. The award is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated academic success, displayed drive for pursuing a career in digital marketing industry in addition to showing leadership within the interactive marketing community.

“Education is very important to the CIMA Board of Directors and we are proud to recognize and reward outstanding students in our community. These three individuals stood out from a number of outstanding candidates,” responded Camille Fetter, CIMA’s VP of Academic Affairs and Founder of TalentFoot.

CIMA’s 2010 scholarship recipients are: Katie Lorenz of Loyola University; Andrew Fazekas of Northwestern University; and Jenny Cueva of DePaul University. The students were formally recognized at a CIMA industry dinner in September.

Jen Brady, CIMA’s President and CEO of Fred and Associates added, “Part of CIMA’s mission is to support and contribute to the community in the form of education. We look forward to supporting the professional success of these three talented students in the coming years.”

CIMA’s next community event is Wednesday October 6, 2010 in conjunction with Loyola University on the topic of, “Confessions Of A Hiring Manager: Chicago Career Experts Tell All”.