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Artist Painters creates more general labor jobs in Chicago

Posted on June 9, 2012

Artist Painters has come up with a unique and creative way to add more general labor jobs in Chicago.

The painting company utilizes artists from all creative fields to execute high quality interior/exterior painting projects for their customers.

It functions as a way to financially support the participating artists, pay them a generous wage and subtly raise art awareness one project at a time.

The company said that it embraces the philosophy of the “local living economy” by taking an ethical and socially responsible approach to business and its artists. The goal is to serve the common good in the community, rather than simply focus on increasing profits.

The latest piece was created by Gene Pellegrene, 38.

Almost every painting job has a piece of art that is created from that particular experience and given to the customer as a surprise gift. The art to be given is conceived during the hired painting project. This art piece can be sculptural, two-dimensional or written.

Art pieces of the past have included work journals, documenting the experience of the painting project, paintings, collage or furniture.

Pellegrene said, “The art table was a fictional piece and on another level it demonstrated a very personal, relationship based piece of art. It was an example of the power of art, how it can bring and spawn memories, relationships and appreciation for those relationships.”

Artist Painters wants to remain “small” in their ideology while helping to support as many artits as possible.